Do any of these issues apply to your child?

Children ages:

birth to 3-years-old

Nourishing lives of those you love most

Our nutritionists and nurses are approved Early Intervention evaluators and direct service providers throughout the state of Illinois. Our dedicated involvement with the Early Intervention program for children ages birth-to-three-years helps us coordinate quality care for your child’s nutritional and feeding therapy. All of our dietitians and nurses are trained in SOS Feeding Therapy and Food Chaining.

Illinois Early Intervention Program

Feeding Therapy at Conway Nutrition Services can help your child with the following issues, do any of these issues apply to your child?

  • Picky eater (a food range of less than 20 foods)
  • Poor weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Continued choking/gagging during mealtimes
  • Vomiting
  • More than one incidence of nasal-reflux
  • Allergies
  • Transitioning from feeding tubes to oral feedings
  • Ongoing respiratory problems stemming from poor breathing-eating coordination
  • Inability to transition to pureed foods by 10 months or solid foods by 12 months
  • Aversion to or avoidance of an entire food group or texture group
  • Crying and/or arching at most meals (infants)